Frequently Asked Questions 

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1. What types of payment do you accept in your store?

My store accepts payments only through PayPal. This is safe for both the buyer and the seller.

2. When and how will I get my purchased pdf sewing pattern with the tutorial? 

You do not need to create a special account to shop at this store. The only thing you have to do: 

  • First, choose the pdf sewing pattern with a photo tutorial you want to buy.
  • Then click "Add to cart". And shopping cart will appear on the right side of the screen with your chosen pdf sewing pattern. 
  • Then click "Checkout" and fill in blank fields with your own information - your full name, e-mail address, your phone number and notes about the order. Notes about the order - it's not mandatory, just if you want to say something.
  • Then you'll see the payment method PayPal and then press "Buy now". You will only have to pay the price indicated on the item without any additional hidden charges.
  • And once the payment has happened, I will receive an affirmative letter from PayPal. And then I'll send your pdf sewing pattern with tutorial to your e-mail address.
  • You can also change your mind and opt-out of the shopping process at any time. Simply by deleting the item from the shopping cart. But if you started paying with PayPal and then changed your mind then use PayPal's "Cancel Transaction" option by simply clicking on it. This option is written at the bottom of the page in small letters.

3. What is a pdf sewing pattern?

The pdf sewing pattern is a downloadable pattern that you can print at home using a normal home printer. Then assemble printed paper pages of the pattern together, use sticky tape, and when it's done, you can use this pattern as if it is a normal tissue-paper pattern.

4. What computer software do I need, so I can open, view, and then print pdf sewing patterns?

In order to open, view, and print the pdf sewing patterns, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program installed on your computer. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program you can download it for free here:

5 Are your pdf sewing patterns with tutorials (instructions)?

Yes, all my pdf sewing patterns are with step by step color photo tutorials. 

6. Do I also need to print out the tutorial so I can use it?

You can do it, but do you need it? The tutorial is full of colored photos, so it will be very expensive. It will be easier if the tutorial is on your computer, and if needed, you can zoom in on the photos to better understand the details. This cannot be done if the tutorial is printed.

7. Are your pdf sewing patterns multi-size or one size? 

All my pdf sewing patterns contain multiple sizes in one pattern. 

8. Will I be able to print your pdf sewing patterns from my home printer?

Yes, you'll be able to do it.

9. What size of paper is needed to print your pdf sewing patterns?

I have made pdf sewing patterns on both A4-size paper and US Letter-size paper. You'll only have to choose which one you need and then print it.

10. What color your pdf sewing patterns are?

Almost all of my pdf sewing patterns are colored. There is only a hair scrunchie sewing pattern in black and white. So you'll need the colored printer. And if you have a colored printer, you can also print black and white sewing patterns. 

11. Are your pdf sewing patterns with seam allowances?

Yes, all my pdf sewing patterns are with seam allowances. 

12. In which units of measurement are given all measurements in your pdf sewing patterns and tutorials? 

All units of measure are given in inches, and next to it I specify how much it is in centimeters.

13. What language your pdf sewing patterns and tutorials are in?

All my pdf sewing patterns and tutorials are in English.

14. To which countries do you send your pdf sewing patterns with tutorials?

I didn't discriminate against anyone. Pay, and the pdf sewing pattern with tutorial will be yours. However, I am not sending to Russia and Belarus.

15. How much does the delivery cost?

The pdf sewing pattern and tutorial will be sent to your e-mail address. You don't have to pay for it. It's free.

16. How safe is it to buy in your online store?

Before you make a payment transaction, look at the address bar of my store. There you'll see the padlock symbol and behind it https://. That means shopping is safe.

17. What information do you need about me?

  • I will use your contact information (your e-mail address, your telephone number, your first and last name) only to send you pdf sewing patterns with the tutorials, to communicate with you only about the sewing patterns, and to answer your questions.
  • I will not share your contact information with third parties - social networks, advertisers, consumer data resellers, and service providers.  
  • Reputable third-party services (Amazon Web Services, Google, KnownHost, Liquid Web, Groove Networks) are used to keep your information secure.

18. Can I give my pdf sewing pattern back because I don't want it anymore?

  • If you have paid for the pdf sewing pattern with the tutorial but have not yet received it, but you realize you don't want it anymore, then write to my e-mail address and I'll answer you in one day and the money will be returned to you during the same day.
  • On the other hand, if you have paid for your pdf sewing pattern with tutorial and have already received it in your e-mail address and then you realize that you do not want it, although sent pdf files are usually not accepted back, however, write to my e-mail address so that we can solve this problem.

This is my e-mail address:

[email protected]

19. I bought the pdf sewing pattern with a photo tutorial. Where and how can I add a review?

I am really sorry that this has happened. But the developer of that store platform doesn't offer such an option. Then I tried to add the review plug-in developed by another firm, however, this plug-in didn't work well. But you can read reviews of my sewing patterns by pressing the "Reviews" button in the red stripe above.

20. How can I contact you? How quickly do you answer?

The quickest way you can contact me is to write to this e-mail address:

[email protected]

And I'll answer you in one day (European time). 

21. I bought a pdf sewing pattern with a tutorial in your online store. Can I sell it to others?

No, you can't do it.

22. I bought a beanie sewing pattern in your online store, and then, using your pattern, I stitched up several beanies. Can I sell these sewn beanies in my shop?

Yes, you can do it. And not just beanies. You can use any of my sewing patterns to sew beautiful things and then sell them. That's what I'm allowing you.

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